P-125 Impact Riveter For 1/8″ & 5/32″ Rivets

P-125 Impact Riveter For 1/8″ & 5/32″ Rivets

The Model P125 Riveter  is one of the most modern and efficient riveters designed.  A P125 is primarily engineered for 1/8” diameter semi-tubular rivets with a maximum length of 1/2”, but also has the capacity to handle solid rivets, depending upon the diameter and material.  This machine is simple to maintain; it is pneumatically powered, has only 8 moving parts, and a choice of feed systems depending on the size and shape of the rivets.  The P125 is built around a steel weldment, and  available as a pedestal or bench model, with several anvil brackets to accommodate a versatile range of parts.


    • Pneumatically powered
    • Standard 9” throat depth, optional upgrade to 18” or 24”
    • Standard 2” stroke
    • Available with either a rotary or vibratory feed system
    • Safety device options include Ring Guard or Double Palm Buttons
    • Simplistic controls, operator and service  friendly
    • May be configured with Multiple Heads


    • Dimensions:
      Bench: 10’’ W x 22” D x 24’’ H
      Pedestal: 28” W x 20” D x 61” H
    • Weight / Crated (approximate):
      Bench: 200 / 250 lbs.
      Pedestal: 550 / 600 lbs.
    • Electrical:  115 VAC 60 HZ, 1 Ph
    • Motor:  None
    • Air: 0.1 CFM/cycle

Optional Equipment:

    • Custom Part Fixtures
    • Load Compensating Device
    • Air Operated Anvil Pin
    • Rivet Sensing
    • Offset Tooling
    • PLC Controls