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Our Company at a Glance

Industrial Rivet & Fastener Co.
We are dedicated to serving our customer’s needs by delivering solutions to industries world wide.

We have been around for over 100 years and won several awards for providing incredible service. But our most important win is making you a happy, life-long customer.

Some of the Benefits You Will Enjoy Include:

Superior, Robust Product Set

Industrial Rivet today has one of the industry’s largest inventories of off-the-shelf products that range from standard to highly specialized rivets, available in any head style, length, material and finish including:

  • Blind rivets
  • Speed rivets
  • Rivet nuts
  • Solid rivets
  • Semi-tubular rivets
  • Split rivets
  • Shoulder rivets
  • Collar rivets
  • Drive rivets
  • LockBolts
  • Riveting Tools

The company also offers a wide range of proprietary riveting products, as well as sophisticated automated rivet tools and delivery systems. Plus, a vast manufacturing network means that Industrial Rivet is uniquely able to design, manufacture and engineer both custom and ready-made products, starting production quickly and giving clients access to lower-cost alternatives imported from the company’s overseas facilities, as well as products made exclusively in the U.S. Read more about Industrial Rivet’s product offerings.


  • Norwood, New Jersey HQ
  • Northvale, New Jersey 
  • Burlington, North Carolina
  • Kansas City, Missouri
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Grand Prairie, Texas
  • Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Ontario, California


Choosing a Rivet

We know it’s often hard to figure out how to determine what type of rivet to use.  Contact us for help.

Choosing a Riveting Tool

Whether pneumatic, or cordless to manual lever type tools, we have the solution for you.