The RivetKing® ZipFix® is designed for use in soft materials, in larger holes over large grip ranges. Plastics, composites, acrylics and fabrics often make riveting difficult because the materials riveted are softer or more brittle than the rivet itself.  To eliminate the radial expansion, the Zipfix provides a wide bearing surface.  Pulling pressure is reduced whereby increasing the life of the mandrel.  Only one mandrel is necessary for ZipFix® products.

ZipFix® is offered on paper pods, or, preloaded on mandrels.  Quickriveting systems increase throughput due to the autofeed features.

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Part# Nominal Diameter Grip Length (Max) Head Dia (Max) Head Height (Max Pcs/Pod Hole Size (Sugg) Shear (Typ) Tensile (Typ)
ADZF-0417 1/8″ .000-.236 0.675 0.264 0.048 17 0.134 110 lbf 180 lbf
ADZF-0518 5/32″ .000-.236 0.71 0.331 0.071 17 0.165 180 lbf 220 lbf

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Product Assistance

RivetKing is a support-oriented company and has local application engineers to assist with product and tool selection.  You may contact our sales department for technical guidance, or an application engineer for local support. Usually, we can be at your facility nationwide within 48 hours.

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