RK-21 Combo ToolBlind Rivets & Rivetnuts (1/4″ / 6.4mm Max) (3/8-16″ / M10 Max)

RK-21 Combo Tool
Blind Rivets & Rivetnuts
(1/4″ / 6.4mm Max)
(3/8-16″ / M10 Max)

This unique tool has the ability to set both blind rivets as well as rivetnuts. The changeover from one to the other is simple and takes less than 1 minute. The tool is supplied in kit form with each kit containing nose pieces for blind rivets and mandrels for rivetnuts. The forged steel arms ensure durability while soft-touch rubberized grips guarantee comfort. The fold away design makes for easy transportation in the blow molded carrying case.

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Model # Capacity Weight (lbs) Tool Manual
RK-21 1/4″ / 6.4mm Max for Blind Rivets 3/8-16″ / M10 Max for Rivet Nuts 4.84

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